Devant un champ obscur | Corinne Mercadier plays a series to another, a status unstable objects oscillating between the found and the made ​​virtual, they lead the audience sure of anything-in-a subjective perception of spaces, and characters actions. A radical strangeness remains akin to the accuracy of certain memories of dreams. One of the foundations of this series lies in the approach to the landscape as a scenic space. An outdoor theater, the stage wall face or interstellar night sky.
Exhibition at the gallery of girls suffering from 30 October to 25 November 2012 and Maison d'Art Bernard Anthonioz, Nogent-sur-Marne, 7 November to 20 December 2012.
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Devant un champ obscur
In front of a dark field is the title of the book in relation to the exhibition at the gallery girls Calvary during the Mois de la Photo in Paris in 2012 of two new series conducted in parallel by Corinne Mercadier. Solo Black Screen and differ from previous works of the artist by the passage of Polaroid SX70 digital photography. These two series, in so doing, a continuation of the work, which is reflected in the previous monograph Watermarks "Corinne Mercadier" in 2007: Solo found in the dark skies, the staging, the enigmatic characters and objects launched. But things have changed big sticks, tires, balls, lines delimit spaces that evoke a game whose rules escape. Objects and characters in the foreground the most of this theater to obscure hangers, dance, whether stationary or in motion.
Black Screen could be negative Solo scenes that we discover as we open a secret door in getting used to black. A stack of plates, sheets, bed radiate an extreme brightness. This series was visible in Dreaming Journal, published by Watermark in 1999. Invoice photographic Black Screen serves as raw material for a mental image.
Released : November, 02nd 2012
Collection : Hors Collection
ISBN : 978-2-35046-263-9
Format : 235 x 220
84 pages
43 photos colors
25 €
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