Good Dog | I do not work particularly in project mode, my work is progressing fairly intuitive. I do not make plans, I do not prepare subjects usually I just shoot my environment. For example, I never travel to take pictures, however I photograph my present and those who share it now in one place. Maybe I'm not a real photographer, doing projects, assignments or work orders. This promising young photographer publishes his first book at Filigranes, it is represented in France by Galerie Les filles du calvaire in Paris.
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Good Dog par Brigitte Ollier - Libération (December, 13th 2012)
Good Dog Yusuf Sevincli - Réponses photo (February, 01st 2013)
Yusuf Sevincli par Magali Jauffret - L'Humanité (December, 13th 2013)
Good Dog
Yusuf Sevincli not seeking unilateral consent or approval of an audience. It merely photographing his environment, his fears and questions daily, and sees the photograph means to stay connected to the things and beings, a response - response - to the environment that surrounds and movements inhabit.

By the quality of his work and thinking around it - both deep and naive - Yusuf gives us a photographic treasure at the same time a great lesson in humility ... A breath of fresh air in sclerotic small world of art today.
I started at the age of 20 years, during my university years. I was studying journalism and my first contact with photography was done during the course of the history of photojournalism. More than practice, so I was first attracted by the history of photography and its iconic figures, by the sense of their messages and the effort to understand the power of the image. I am now convinced that beyond the style of each photographer or an artist making use of photography should know the history of the latter, in order to understand their capabilities fair value of the medium.
Released : November, 08th 2012
Collection : Hors Collection
ISBN : 978-2-35046-258-5
Format : 210 x 270
80 pages
Paperback and hardback cover toilée
44 photos duotone
50 €