The Aster is a flower that stands up to winter in the expressionist poems symbolizes remembrance, a tear and death. This work involves a mixture of portraits, night scenes and external objects. The images convey a sense of anxiety, embarrassment diffuse, due to forgetfulness or return. They refer to the dark secrets that are hidden inside. The referent in this work is always imaginary. The unreality of everything that is outside of consciousness brings us directly to subjectivity.

Long time exposure shots at night have to make it visible. They show places without names, places of passage empty. The light is weak and milky and a minimum clarity. They are still lifes, identified and frozen black. As in the chiaroscuro, where things exist only when the light emerges from the darkness, the limit of perceptible. In this imaginary world at night, the night works as release of the blinding light. What makes the link with the ideas of dark romanticism, this fabulous world and gloomy. Black is so concentrated and loaded that finally draws a light. The universe night return key, this is where is his part repulsive and fascinating at the same time.

From a mental construct a visual world is created. Ever closer to a sense that a place concrete artifice plays an important role. It is a psychological space that is transmitted through the photographs, go back and forth between outside and inside. In the desire to represent it without showing too many individual features, some tension is created between imaginary and real world. The aim is to give a perception outside via a look inside.

Ecole Professionnelle de Photographie de Vevey
Hors Collection
120 x 165
27 color and black and white photos
32 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-157-1