"For the series" anterooms, "Anne Immelé was immersed in the urban space Rhine at the crossroads of three countries (France, Germany, Switzerland).
Walls aseptic soil "planned", parks appear empty as Powers motionless, suspended in time devenirs and possible matches. Space under construction that are already broken cover ahead of the housing body huddled as poor acting here as attendance policies and poetic, revealing the familiar world of turmoil, the emotional burdens of matter and its motion-only memory. Set of faces seem distant and seal a meditative movement with another side of the world, full of uncertainties and possible.
Photographer inquiète our visions of urbanity and questioned the ownership, habitation by men of architectural projects. His images of bodies circumscribe facade to fill, crossing walk or desert, lonely estates, yards filled with imaginary, paths inhabited not by the Children, soil crumbs. Immelé at Anne, the urban landscape is the opposite of a silent background, enveloping and comforting. These latent intranquillités are strengths of knowledge that call to rethink our ordinary urban. "Maury Corinne
Hors Collection
230 x 290
Relié couverture cartonnée
34 color photos
64 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-166-3
Press review
In this book he was fired 50 head numbered copies and signed, accompanied by an original print, numbered and signed by Anne Immelé.

Anne Immelé

Critique d'art, Photographe

Photographer and doctor of art, Anne Immelé lives and works in Mulhouse. The geographical location of Alsace leads it to position itself as a resident of the Rhénan area, steeped in the humanist heritage of this region. Anne Immelé develops photographic series that are part of a political and poetic relationship with the world, questioning the relationship of the individual to the community and the possibility of sharing a common experience in contemporary cities, as evidenced by publications, WIR (with Jean-Luc Nancy, Filigranes edition, 2003), Les Antichambres (Filigranes edition, 2009), Twin Cities, (Kunsthalle edition 2012). Among his recent exhibitions are L’Atlas des Nuages, Fondation François Schneider (2018), Comme un souvenir, Fondation Fernet Branca (2019), 50 Years of French Photography, Palais Royal (2020). In 2013, she co-founded the Mulhouse Biennial of Photography, for which she provided artistic direction, programming and curating for certain exhibitions. Following his Doctorate in Arts thesis, the publication of “Photographic Constellations” (Médiapop éditions, 2015) is the editorial part of his curatorial research. His photographs are part of the collection of the National Fund for Contemporary Art, the National Library of France and the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart.
Anne Immelé teaches at Hear, Haute École des Arts du Rhin.

Corinne Maury est chercheur en esthétique des images et enseigne le cinéma à l’Université Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle.