Cercle de famille

Cercle de famille

In the spirit of previous work (L’Europe du silence) Family Circle shows the great upheavals of the twentieth century, which have shaken the certainties of the nineteenth e. Family Circle course of the twentieth century in a French perspective (the Great War, deportation and the dismantling industry ).
This book does not pretend to address these issues in depth but rather to trigger questions.

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230 x 310
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18 color photos
32 pages
ISBN : 978-2-914381-71-0

Stéphane Duroy


Stéphane Duroy began in 1977 working on the vast changes in England at the time of Thatcherism … Meanwhile, he began in 1980, work on West Berlin, which will lead, after the fall of the Wall in the former East Germany and Poland. In 1991, he received at the World Press Photo, the first prize in the category “nature and environment” for his photo on the pollution in the former German Democratic Republic. He received in 2003 a grant from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, which allows him to do this work on Portugal.
8 books by Stéphane Duroy published Filigranes:
Une saison en Lorraine (1998) ; L’Europe du silence (2000) ; Cercle de famille (2004) ; Unknown (2007) ; Berlin (2009) ; 1297 (2009) ;  Distress (2011) et Geisterbild (2012)