A sustainable journey

A sustainable journey

Authors :
Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, Laurence Tubiana
EDF, which is one of the leading and most enlightened energy companies in the world, has been proactive in pursuing a sustainable development agenda that embraces all aspects of the subjects which received focused and intensive attention during Rio 2012. As a means to create enlightenment and understanding on these subjects, EDF has held stakeholder dialogue and promoted education of young people in these subjects. All of these are important components of the discussion and outcome at Rio+20. These are also, in my personal view, the most important activities that will lead us to the more inclusive, democratic world that we need to build a truly sustainable future.

This book contains a wealth of information and knowledge on various sustainable development activities undertaken by EDF, which should be a source of encouragement and inspiration for other companies and a valuable repository of knowledge for society at large. I am sure readers will find this a very useful publication, particularly with the excellent illustrations and photographs outlining EDF’s journey toward sustainability.
Rajendra Kumar Pachauri
Directeur Général The Energy and Resources Institute

Hors Collection
215 x 255
Relié couverture cartonnée
111 photos colors
200 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-249-3

Philippe Eranian


Philippe Eranian press photographer of the Sygma agency, its first subject to the anti-narcotic British, child victims of Agent “Orange” in Vietnam to France after September 11, or burn the Percy military hospital.
Became a freelance photographer in 2002, he moved towards a more suggestive. Natural light and colors become drivers. The subjectivity of view outweighs the testimony, aesthetics takes precedence over the description of the moment. An approach that summarizes his slogan Look Different.