The fourth box from the Collection "Afriphoto" offers a look at the African continent through images of past or contemporary, all the rich diversity of her photograph that reveals. Photography enthusiasts, connoisseurs or not Africa, this collection is an invitation for all to discover, at the opening of eyes on the work of African photographers from Africa or unknown.

Philippe Koudjina (Niger) # 13
In 60 years, he left to settle in Benin Niger. Photographer of Independence, it is witnessing an era: the years Diori Hamani, the yé-yé, the boom of uranium and the moments of happiness and carefree.

Mamadou Konate (Mali) # 14
He was born in Bamako. He runs the studio Kela Fox. Like many African photographers, he saw the photo and video he performs at weddings, festivals, businesses, political campaigns, etc.. It conceptualizes the definition of the object and its use. This photographic visual approach is rare in African photography but not new in contemporary African art.

Mathe Kebofhe (Botswana) # 15
Only the goal of the photographer can capture the reality of life in the ghetto and tell the best story. These are the images of different families photographed at night without flash.

Emeka Okereke (Nigeria) # 16
He currently lives in Paris and Lagos. His photographic work is both documentary and conceptule. In 2003, he was honored Young talent Encounters of African photography in Bamako.

165 x 120
4 books of 32 pages
128 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-102-1