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Donne-moi ta main

Since the 1960s, stickers have continued to develop. Thanks to their technical simplicity, innovation quickly spread throughout the world with changes in fashion, society and the means of communication and expression.
The word sticker is made up of the prefix auto. It comes from the ancient Greek αὐτός, autós, which means to be oneself, and from the adjective sticky; which sticks, which adheres. It will easily be understood that the word sticker therefore signifies which adheres by itself. We can also talk about self-adhesive, much less used, or sticker, an English word, which originates from the verb to stick. The English version is more widely used than the French version.

The Imagettes collection brings together thirty-two photographs taken from works published by Filigranes éditions.
An image, a photographer, a book.
Give me your hand is the editorial theme of this first opus. These images, like a small portable exhibit, can be pasted onto any medium of your choice.

105 x 150
Broché à la suisse
36 photos colors and black and withe
16 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-531-9
Press review

36 photographes


Aglaé Bory – Emmanuelle Bousquet – Elina Brotherus – Lisetta Carmi – Nicolas Comment – Amaury da Cunha – Denis Darzacq – Bernard Descamps – Marilia Destot – Claudine Doury – Stéphane Duroy – Gilbert Garcin – Guillaume Geneste – Samuel Gratacap – Philippe Graton – Rip Hopkins – Françoise Huguier – Sara Imloul – Yvonne Kerdudo – Julien Magre – Anna Malagrida – Marie Maurel de Maillé – Corinne Mercadier – Julien Mignot – Richard Pak – Bernard Plossu – Kourtney Roy – Rima Samman – Smith – Frédéric Stucin – Isabelle Vaillant – Laure Vasconi