Fuga is the book of reminiscences, a tribute to the beauty of the ephemeral and the snapshot. In a new chapter in his Journal photographic Daniel Challe explores the memorial landscape of childhood and adolescence, and takes us to parts of the "let go" and dispossession: the Mediterranean, Naples, and the Bombay ‘South India.
Intimate road movie, travel to the borders of dream and reality, Fuga is a long poem photography. Choreography in a moving and colorful, the book mixed feelings, gestures, bodies, places traveled, light fragments and random encounters with the physical world in which the photographer gives us some chips in a text accompanying the images.
Close to poetry, this new series Fuga, extends this Journal in the form of light and fragments of an imperfect Travel, combining intimacy and exploration of the world in a flap images of a dream.
Hors Collection
195 x 220
Relié couverture cartonnée
46 color photos
84 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-123-6