Gaëlle Chotard sculpts, draws and films a strange, poetic and haunting universe.
With great precision, she blends organic forms, somewhere between lymph nodes and rhizomes. If, in her previous expositions, her sculptures, often placed in the dark, were only bound by a common thread without any link, this time she has chosen to expand upon this for the E-raum space, with every cell linked together as in a living system. In addition, she has abandoned the single view point in favour of several angles, releasing energy in doing so. It’s a system that can be contemplated at any point or position, although the notions of story and succession remain important. We have, first of all, an enclosed space, with a small, strange, dense mass within, followed by an ethereal drawing which fills its space with freedom, as though the initial node has ‘hatched’.
Valentine Meyer
Galerie Claudine Papillon
Hors Collection
170 x 225
Relié couverture cartonnée et toilée
27 color photos
48 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-218-9