James K. Vanderpuije Bruce is a pioneer of photography in West Africa and Ghana, a country that is considered the birthplace of photography in the region. The son of a bourgeois family in Accra, he learned photography from the old master and JAC Holm opened his own studio (Deo Gratias-Studio) in 1922 in the district of Jamestown in Accra. He has 23 years and started making portraits of families and groups of the occupying British, Indian traders or the black aristocracy of the city, it also photograph events and events in the capital.
After the country’s independence (1957), James K. Bruce Vanderpuije designs advertising campaigns for international companies, including oil. At once a portrait and a reporter, a photographer Vanderpuije is exceptional. He left his son Isaac, who took over the Deo Gratias-Studio, a fund made up mainly of negatives 18×24 plate glass, a documentary and artistic quality of the colonial period with no equivalent in West Africa.
Hors Collection
225 x 170
Relié couverture cartonnée
41 duo tone photos
64 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-131-1