Je crois qu’un jour

  • Je crois qu’un jour
  • Je crois qu’un jour
  • Je crois qu’un jour
  • Je crois qu’un jour
  • Je crois qu’un jour
  • Je crois qu’un jour
  • Je crois qu’un jour
  • Je crois qu’un jour
  • Je crois qu’un jour

Je crois qu’un jour

Pollen de poésie

“We know Fabrice Guenier: the sensual and poetic material, image. We know he professed the art of layout and the decal, the overlay and soft focus. He likes about the risk. It must have long followed and observed: suicidal, random, obscure. Obscure, yes, but very obvious clarity. It’s in the moment he wants the finished product. It tests and approaches it, exploits, twists, knots, crumpled paper and bribe the printer.
Before, it was the cartoline, try the lab. The bathroom and the red light had to have him chills unknown in the problems of isolation and silence. It is a taciturn, launching its troops haphazardly. And it’s make or break.
Luxembourg had writers, summer advanced youth illuminated by subtle emotions that knotted iconoclastic adventures, but certainly more noble than the vague egalitarian sentiment summoned to happen today.
Sealed in this book came out long before at the author and sent only to a few, that pollen from a plastic poetry. Read by reversing the bottom, top, front and rear, and dotted mixture.
Serials these sacred images, this missal of a religion that has desired century hottie obtained thrashing around, a citadel that was Athens that has been transformed. Nothing but compliments, false. Fabrice Guenier, Countdown, offers Conversely, we unearthed some rough edges become atypical or questionable or simply obsolete.

G. Manset


L’idée d’un effacement inéluctable

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Hors Collection
170 x 215
Broché avec rabats
87 photos duo tone
192 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-405-3
Press review

Fabrice Guénier

Auteur, Photographe

Moments, memories, stories … fragments in texts and images of banal rupture and ordinary. Originally self-published in 1998 and subtitled: “Photographic Diary of an ordinary winter,” Je crois qu’un jour is the reissue, revised and enlarged, the first book of Fabrice Guenier, who has since published two novels by Éditions Gallimard: Les saintes in 2013 and Ann (price Michel Dard 2016).

“It’s following the sending of this book, in 98, I met Gérard Manset has since become a friend.
I had sent a number of my great admiration of the time (Godard, Murat, Houellebecq, Yves Adrien, S. Moon, Modiano, R. Franck) … Manset, “the invisible and mysterious artist,” is the only one who responded. Like what… “