In a truck converted into a studio, Mohamed Bourouissa proposed to jobseekers "become a monument" using a 3D scanner. Some accepted and others rejected.
This volume collected 58 testimonies from people who refused to participate in the project.
Noted for his photographic compositions of youth cited for his film Dead time dealing with the daily life of a prisoner exchange video via mobile phones interposed, Mohamed Bourouissa invests this project another territory, that job applicants. Another context, another attempt. In nearly a century away from his illustrious predecessor photographer August Sander, launched an ambitious attempt to draw "a contemporary portrait of the German man," Mohamed Bourouissa, meanwhile, intends to portray people at the crossroads of integration and social exclusion. He has developed a protocol that promotes artistic exchange and encounter between worlds, realities that a priori all separates to work together and make common cause.
Hors Collection
110 x 170
64 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-260-8
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