During the past two years, Katharina Bosse photographed actors Burlesque in the United States.
Across the country, in cities like New Orleans, Memphis, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Boston, Atlanta, and of course Los Angeles and New York artists, individually or in groups are rediscovering the art of Burlesque.
"Burlesque is essentially a kind of old-fashioned striptease, where the emphasis is on the suggestion, not the nudity. There is often the humor and comic elements. This is different from the commercial strip in that the actors do not force the public to donate money. In fact, it does not make much money with the burlesque. The actors do for the love of playing, being on stage and speak. Each is unique, and (on stage) are a wide range of age and obesity. Generally, there is no director, the actors create their own character, costumes and choreography. New Burlesque is halfway between a classic representation and varieties Las Vegas style, spiced with postmodern irony. "
Hors Collection
170 x 230
39 color photos
104 pages
ISBN : 978-2-91438-147-5