Richard Dumas is not a portrait, but a photographer. A truth that is obvious to those who closely watch his work published in the press (among others in Libération) but too often reduce the practice of "viewer" on the grounds that it assumes.
In his book Soft Machines, Richard Dumas discusses the manufacture of sex dolls.
"Matt McMullen, the former hard-rocker 33 years, creator of the soft and flexible Real Dolls (Rolls Royce of sex doll), claims its carving dolls’ head ‘from his old readings of Playboy, the rather frightening when we see in the midst of his X-rated ossuary and neighborhood women hanging from their chains. His eye fixed butcher-surfer is still colder than their own. The reality, when we’ll see at the workshop in San Marcos (Southern California) where the dolls are made of dreams, is much more stews. This is the woman who dresses McMullen dolls lingerie trash before you sit down in their chests wood packaging ( type portable toilets). The sister-in-law, a candidate nominated actress Shelly Couture, handles marketing, sales, and baby-sitting. " P.G.
Centre atlantique de la photographie, Brest
Hors Collection
170 x 230
Reliure en couture orientale
12 duo tone photos
32 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-103-8