Résidence 1 + 2 is a photographic program anchored in Toulouse and with a European vocation during which three photographers confront their authors’ looks. Each year three photographers (a renowned photographer and two young photographers), three cities (Toulouse, Barcelona, ​​Brussels), three supports (exhibition, books, film).
For this second edition, we chose Israel Ariño (Spain), Leslie Moquin (France) and Christian Sanna (Italy / Madagascar). Born out of different generations and horizons, their photographic expressions question the themes of water, wind and air … in a subjective and assumed vision of the author. These three glances, associated for the first time, resonated for two months arousing protean and transverse productions.
We wish to show internationally all the richness and diversity of these revisited heritages. We showcase our transversal character with bridges to design, auteur cinema, scientific research, contemporary music … all the disciplines present in a rich and diverse program at the Paul-Dupuy Museum in Toulouse ( 13 October-19 November).

Philippe Guionie, directeur de la Résidence 1+2.

Résidence 1+2 Toulouse
Hors Collection
175 x 250
130 photos black and white
130 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-433-6
Ariño Israel was born in 1974 in Barcelona.
After studying photography at the Institut d’Estudis Fotografics de Catalunya (SHE) is formed by etching and sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona. He completed his training in photography by meeting different photographers, Manel Esclusa, Llorenç Raich, Bernard Plossu Mr. Szulc Pablo Ortiz Monasterio or Kryzanowski.
Since 2001, he exhibited his work regularly in Spain and France.

Leslie Moquin


Leslie Moquin A graduate of the National School of Photography in Arles in 2013, she combines artistic and documentary approaches in the territory with careful ambiguity. An observant observer of the social and geopolitical contexts of crossed territories (China, Iraqi Kurdistan, Colombia), she endeavors to capture deep plasticity, thus encouraging the emergence of a singular aesthetic whose visual manifestations she asks for. irregularities. She has just been awarded a scholarship to support the documentary photography of the Cnap (National Center for Visual Arts) in order to continue its work on youth in Iraqi Kurdistan. In Toulouse, mixing plastic and scientific methodology, shooting, staging and archives, Leslie Moquin tries to make palpable the phenomenon of the wind of autan, a regional wind, obsessive, intangible heritage par excellence of Occitania.

Christian Sanna


Christian Sanna Italian-Malagasy photographer, winner of the Grand Prize Photography of the ETPA school. He recently exhibited two series “Fady Kambana” and “Moraingy” at the Manifesto festival. Adept of a committed photograph combining portraits and landscape, he lives and works in Toulouse will realize his first residence. He realizes a travel diary associating real and fiction in the footsteps of the Aeropostale from the first flight Latécoère of December 25, 1918 between Toulouse and Barcelona.

Dominique Roux Born in Surgères (France). Lives and works in Toulouse (France)
1982-2016: Head of the Documentation Center of the Galerie du Château d’eau. Toulouse
1985-2016: Teaches the History of Photography at the University of Toulouse Le Mirail), ETPA (Technical School of Photography and Audiovisual) Toulouse and ESAV (Ecole supérieure d’audiovisuel)
1985-2016: Numerous lectures on photography
Author with Frédéric Ripoll from La Photographie (Editions Milan. Collection “Les Essentiels”)