Set consisting of three books.
The first residence of the three photographers chosen Diana Lui, Alice Leveque, Lea Patrix took place in January / February in Toulouse.
The residence 1 + 2 is a photographic program anchored in Toulouse and with European vocation.
It associates each year:
– 3 photographers: a renowned photographer and two young photographers under the age of 30, including a Toulouse photographer,
– 3 European cities (Brussels and Barcelona for 2016 and 2017)
– 3 mediums (collection with Filigranes editions, exhibition in Toulouse then itinerant, film of monitoring of residence).
Halfway between workshop and residence creation, this annual program is unpublished in France in its formulation and its transversality.
Its ambition is to enhance all the material and immaterial heritages of Toulouse and the region through three concomitant photographic productions carried out in situ: diasporas, memories, industries, know-how, lifestyles, architecture … Both nationally and internationally, show the richness and diversity of these heritages. It is an integral part of the lalel “Une Saison Photo” in Toulouse.

1+2 Résidence Toulouse
Hors Collection
220 x 305
90 photos colors and black and white
96 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-406-0
Press review
Diana He is a photographer and painter originally from Malaysia. Lived and studied in Los Angeles before moving to Europe in 1993. Graduated at the Art Center College of Design in California. Currently living in Paris.

Alice Lévêque


Alice Leveque Born in 1993 in Paris, she left France, hand in Africa and in Mayotte for 12 years. Passionate about photography, she joined the ETPA (School of Photography and Game Design) in Toulouse in 2012 and won the Grand Prize three years later.

Lea Patrix


Lea Patrix At 16, high sensitivity, already a mature look. Passionate about photography since childhood, it follows from the age of 13 years teaching Diana him in two successive workshops the Rencontres d’Arles before continuing their learning in 2015 with Philippe Guionie. Aged 16 today, she is currently educated in a school art R Brussels.