Thoroughbred immediately evokes a history of horses, selection, training and competition. This is the story of a secure, secret, which through its rituals, its skills, organizes the selection, training, competition, and it is on the green carpet of the racecourse in a flash dice are thrown: a horse that wins, replaying the scene of jubilation, became so famous that the mere mention of his name in fact a god. […]
Klavdij Sluban supports most of its attention and that tension is induced at the height of her beauty, black and white enhances the "flash" of lightning coming from the race, race became mythological never his Black has brought much promise.
Diana He plays around this tension, she be surprised by his own attention, an event that had to stimulate his artistic research: it tries to escape this tension by negotiating side step, which punctuate the course it invented. T. Dumanoir (excerpts)
Hors Collection
195 x 220
Relié couverture cartonnée
42 color and duo tone photos
72 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-194-6
Press review
Klavdij Sluban was born in 1963 in Paris. Children in Slovenia. Secondary education and higher education in France. A passion for photography as a teenager. In 1986, earned a master of Anglo-American literature took a course in drawing the workshop of George Smith, then travel.
On his return to Paris, taught English. Then moved to the country, Slovenia. In 1992, returned to France and devoted himself to photography.
Diana He is a photographer and painter originally from Malaysia. Lived and studied in Los Angeles before moving to Europe in 1993. Graduated at the Art Center College of Design in California. Currently living in Paris.
Thierry Dumanoir, director of Castle Homes is the curator of the exhibition.