This book is a testimony of authors in the countryside of Eastern Europe, including thirteen regions (from Poland to Albania) are represented. The richness of the photographic commission takes in the diversity of talent, but also in the association of individuals who, through individual pathways, are integrated in the course of photography today.
Portfolio under casing with a wooden circle and a cover image appearing through a beveled opening.
Book printed in collotype.
Ministère de l'agriculture et de la pêche
230 x 225
12 duo tone phototypie
36 pages
ISBN : 978-2-9502666-6-5
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Stéphane Duroy


Stéphane Duroy began in 1977 working on the vast changes in England at the time of Thatcherism … Meanwhile, he began in 1980, work on West Berlin, which will lead, after the fall of the Wall in the former East Germany and Poland. In 1991, he received at the World Press Photo, the first prize in the category “nature and environment” for his photo on the pollution in the former German Democratic Republic. He received in 2003 a grant from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, which allows him to do this work on Portugal.
8 books by Stéphane Duroy published Filigranes:
Une saison en Lorraine (1998) ; L’Europe du silence (2000) ; Cercle de famille (2004) ; Unknown (2007) ; Berlin (2009) ; 1297 (2009) ;  Distress (2011) et Geisterbild (2012)
Klavdij Sluban was born in 1963 in Paris. Children in Slovenia. Secondary education and higher education in France. A passion for photography as a teenager. In 1986, earned a master of Anglo-American literature took a course in drawing the workshop of George Smith, then travel.
On his return to Paris, taught English. Then moved to the country, Slovenia. In 1992, returned to France and devoted himself to photography.