4 photographers have chosen to combine their work after not having found a common theme or look, but a distance and a common acuity with which each one understands the world. A thin veneer of reality is constructed concurrently with the emergence of a new French photography in recent years. The willingness of these 4 photographers to present their work together resulted in a cross-interrogation of young writers on a whole field of contemporary photography. There is a profound silence in these photographs, which we eventually distinguish densities, intensities. It is perhaps then that we come into resonance with this silence.
Hors Collection
120 x 165
85 color photos
32 pages
ISBN : 978-2-914381-99-4

Michel Poivert

Auteur, Critique d'art

Michel Poivert Born in 1965, Professor of Contemporary Art History / History of Photography in Paris 1 University in 1992 He spends his doctorate in history of art at the pictorialist photography, under the direction of José Vovelle . He participated at the same time rescuing SFP threatened with closure, he took the chair. He will head the exhibition “Utopia photographic” the MEP.

Geoffroy Mathieu


Born in Boulogne Billancourt. Lives and works in Marseille. A graduate of the Ecole Nationale de la Photographie d’Arles in 1999. Divides his time between an artistic work that develops through books and exhibitions and a freelance photographer working: as portraitist to the national press (Le Monde, L’Express, L’Usine Nouvelle …), performing reporting agencies for business communication (The Agency, Word, Publicorp, Textuel …), leading observatories photographic landscape for Regional Natural Park (Ardèche, Narbonne), carrying out orders from publishers (more) …
Member of the Association The Panoramas which includes landscape photographers and a rural development specialist to undertake work such as observatories Landscape Photography and more generally a reflection on the landscape.