Almudena RomeroThe Museum of Plant Art

Interested in the relationship between the plant and animal kingdoms, and the unrecognized experiences of pollinators. Certain flowers, like wild orchids, deploy specific and complex strategies to attract bees, consisting of elements that are olfactory, auditory, and visual. Her photographs reveal that the pollen of certain flowers shines, much like how we use glitter when we aim to attract someone!


Téo BecherEmmêlement et autres histoires de forêts
These questions are rooted in the relentless opposition between nature and culture. The photographer includes in his approach a crucial issue: the impact of human activity on the landscape. By exploring the mountains and forests of Occitania, the aim is to analyze the perception of what we call nature. What tangible consequences does this perception entail? Téo Becher invites us to rethink your view of your environment and raises our awareness of the importance of complicating it.


Marion Ellena – Tu te souviens de la couleur de ma chambre ?

Explores the plasticity of memories through the materiality of photography using images taken with a smartphone. These are then subjected to alteration processes capable of capturing her memories while revealing their fragility. The artist collects “orphan” photographs found in recycling centers and flea markets, transforming and reinterpreting them to define the contours of a collective intimacy.

Résidence 1+2 Toulouse
Résidence 1+2
170 x 250
95 photos colors and black and white
176 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-612-5

Almudena Romero, a photographer born in Madrid, works both in London and Valencia. Throughout her career, her various projects have questioned notions such as identity, representation, and ideology. She is interested in how the photographic image shapes our perception of reality. In her practice, humans cease to be at the center of the discussion, and plants become the core focus.

Téo Becher


Téo Becher was born in France and now lives in Brussels. His photographic work primarily focuses on the complex relationships between nature and culture. His photographs suggest traces of human intervention in various environments, transformed according to human needs.

Marion Ellena


Marion Ellena is a photographer born in Venezuela to a Peruvian mother and a French father. She is currently working in Marseille on the theme of memory. Her artistic approach is continually oscillating between the past and present, where photographs, as witnesses of intimate past memories, are tirelessly modified and altered to extract their essence.

Michel Poivert

Auteur, Critique d'art

Michel Poivert Born in 1965, Professor of Contemporary Art History / History of Photography in Paris 1 University in 1992 He spends his doctorate in history of art at the pictorialist photography, under the direction of José Vovelle . He participated at the same time rescuing SFP threatened with closure, he took the chair. He will head the exhibition “Utopia photographic” the MEP.

Fabien Ribery

Auteur, Journaliste

Born in Calais in 1972, Fabien Ribery is author and creator of the site Associated with modern letters, he teaches at the University of Western Brittany. A literary critic at Artpress, he participates in many other magazines (L’In fi ni, Halogenide, Revue de la MEP, Edwarda, 29200 …) and regularly works with publishing houses, both photography and literature. Accompanying the artists who touch him in the long term, his work develops as a work in progress through contemporary sensibility.