Grégoire Eloy: Sciences of matter and climate
Ossoue is a photographic proposal on glaciology and the associated sciences of snow and water at altitude. For this project, the photographer is associated with Simon Gascoin and Etienne Berthier CNRS Researchers and Pierre René, Glaciologist, mountain guide, from the Moraine Pyrenean association.


Myriem Karim: Geographical Sciences and the Environment
The millennium footprint is an roaming at the Cirque de Gavarnie in the footsteps of Franz Schrader (1844-1924), creator of the orograph a tool to draw relief. Starting from this invention, it will study the relationship between topographic knowledge of a territory and visual perception of the space that photography offers. The subjective printing of the landscape will cross the scientific experience in convening: topography and geology.


Laure Winants: Meteorological Sciences and Climate
During his residence, she wishes to push the limits of her research on the movement of matter by questioning the traces of climate change. It is about bringing together in a set of compounds, the graphical modeling of the measuring devices, the photographic shots of the natural phenomena studied and to parallel them with the data of the measuring instruments.

Résidence 1+2 Toulouse
Résidence 1+2
170 x 250
70 photos colors and black and withe
176 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-549-4
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Grégoire Eloy


Gregory Eloy born in 1971, a documentary photographer since 2003. For 10 years, he traveled to the Eastern European and Central Asian countries for long-term projects on Soviet heritage and the wars of the South Caucasus , in particular its series forgotten the pipeline (2006) and surf (2008-2013). The last component, on glaciology, is in progress. Since 2015, he has been interested in our relationship to the environment and wild in immersive residences in the natural environment.
In June 2021, he obtained the prestigious price niepce images. He has been a member of the Flurred Trendy Collective since 2016.

Myriem Karim


Myriem Karim born in Nanterre in 1991, it was by the dance that it addresses the relation of the body to space, and by the literature it begins its photographic practice. The work of photographer Denis Roche makes him discover a possible intertly. In 2016, it ends its master cycle in letters by an aesthetic study entitled: (of) Time Getting Started with our Antéfix de Denis Roche.

Laure Winants


Laure Winants Born at Spa, Belgium In 1991, she won her master’s degree in visual communication at IHECS Academy, Brussels in 2016. Her photographic projects are reflecting on the ways we come back with our environment, natural phenomena.

Fabien Ribery

Auteur, Journaliste

Born in Calais in 1972, Fabien Ribery is author and creator of the site Associated with modern letters, he teaches at the University of Western Brittany. A literary critic at Artpress, he participates in many other magazines (L’In fi ni, Halogenide, Revue de la MEP, Edwarda, 29200 …) and regularly works with publishing houses, both photography and literature. Accompanying the artists who touch him in the long term, his work develops as a work in progress through contemporary sensibility.