“October 13, 2015: very first meeting with Catherine Poncin, I discovered a singular photographic work, carried by a qualified photographer as a post-photographer, and soon the new part of a game that I like – the taking in hand of the collection and its history by an artist – and whose rule I develop over time Faithful to the museum triad to which I believe – a museum like a jacquard fabric with armor made of three colors that are dreams of eternity, of knowing and sharing – I also dare the risk of risk and of freedom.It is that of the artist, our fourth color, provided that it always escapes a little words, elusive, with the impossible for shelter, the color of the moon, the sun, the color of time, the color of the weather or the passage of time […] As the months go by, Catherine will regularly return to the museum. 2016, the conservation team do it urgently evacuate the collection kept in archeological crypt. The climate is not healthy, and the preservation of objects is no longer assured. The artist is present. It will capture the very last moments of a scenography now obsolete. The photographer operator who accompanies him places the device parallel to the walls of windows. “[…]

Florence Calame-Levert

Musée d’Art, Histoire et Archéologie d'Évreux
Hors Collection
247 x 193
Broché avec rabats
40 photos colors and black and white
64 pages
ISBN : 9782350464879

Catherine Poncin

Artiste, Photographe, Plasticien

Poncin Catherine is a photographer. She lives and works in Montreuil and in Lozère Soulages. His photographic approach pursued; of the picture, the image is built from fragments of images found on markets in the archive or by voice classifieds.
She has published 12 books in Filigranes: Monographie Catherine Poncin ; Détournement d’Intention ; Du champs des hommes, territoires ; Sans conte, ni légendes ; Eclats ; Vertiges ; Vis à vis ; Corpus ; 1418. échos, versos et graphies de batailles ; Archives d’un présent.

Michel Poivert

Auteur, Critique d'art

Michel Poivert Born in 1965, Professor of Contemporary Art History / History of Photography in Paris 1 University in 1992 He spends his doctorate in history of art at the pictorialist photography, under the direction of José Vovelle . He participated at the same time rescuing SFP threatened with closure, he took the chair. He will head the exhibition “Utopia photographic” the MEP.

Florence Calame-Levert PhD in ethnology and curator of the heritage, she directs the Museum of Art, History and Archeology of Évreux, Portes de Normandie since 2012. She develops a dialogue between heritage collections, history and contemporary creation. She is curator of the exhibition “Evreux, year zero. Rebuilding a wounded city “(Musée d’Évreux, 2016-2017).