This new work by Catherine Poncin is linked to the archives of the University Medical Center Nijmegen (Netherlands) the UMC St Radboud.
She looked at images "banal" and images within a technologically advanced fragments, details, angles of view. As described by Paul Ardenne, "Poncin, from a found image, reorganized, crop, reclassifies it in a way which is the reduction to an aspect, a detail, or to carefully go through the ‘expansion of a selected point of the image. " Once the selected fragments, it reconstructs vertical banded successive careful that the combination of images provides an expressive power to the whole. The height of the photographs is the same for all, but their length is determined by the sequence of fragments. Thus, such prior perspective on the body is not necessarily negated by the next, but retains all its value, which is visually extended by its neighbor, even extending, remaining at the heart of the work.
UMC St Radboud - Pays-Bas
Hors Collection
305 x 240
Relié couverture cartonnée
11 color photos
48 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-156-4

Catherine Poncin

Artiste, Photographe, Plasticien

Poncin Catherine is a photographer. She lives and works in Montreuil and in Lozère Soulages. His photographic approach pursued; of the picture, the image is built from fragments of images found on markets in the archive or by voice classifieds.
She has published 12 books in Filigranes: Monographie Catherine Poncin ; Détournement d’Intention ; Du champs des hommes, territoires ; Sans conte, ni légendes ; Eclats ; Vertiges ; Vis à vis ; Corpus ; 1418. échos, versos et graphies de batailles ; Archives d’un présent.