Unfortunately for the West, because their fates are crossed, Stalin, Rosa Luxemburg and Adolf Hitler have made Berlin the capital of the pain.
Since its proclamation November 9, 1918 in Berlin, Weimar has been a random existence, as the adverse reactions were numerous and violent, from the inside but also outside: Revolution (Spartacus), coups (W. Kapp, A. Hitler), inflation (1923), war debts (Treaty of Versailles).
Devastated by the defeat, these events precipitated Germany into a nightmare that lasted 71 years.
But the elite, confused in its analysis and often complicit, failed to anticipate the hell Nazi or Communist following, and despite the quality of his thought, the German nation has become the laboratory of his own demons. The 1st system, brutal, lasted 12 years (1933-1945) and has destroyed the ethical foundations of Western civilization.
In response, the second regime (1949-1989), full of good intentions, could not ultimately hold its totalitarian impulses. He ruined the socialist utopia in 40 years.
This German tragedy had its epilogue November 9, 1989 with the fall of the Wall.
Stéphane Duroy, New York – juillet 2009
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Stéphane Duroy


Stéphane Duroy began in 1977 working on the vast changes in England at the time of Thatcherism … Meanwhile, he began in 1980, work on West Berlin, which will lead, after the fall of the Wall in the former East Germany and Poland. In 1991, he received at the World Press Photo, the first prize in the category “nature and environment” for his photo on the pollution in the former German Democratic Republic. He received in 2003 a grant from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, which allows him to do this work on Portugal.
8 books by Stéphane Duroy published Filigranes:
Une saison en Lorraine (1998) ; L’Europe du silence (2000) ; Cercle de famille (2004) ; Unknown (2007) ; Berlin (2009) ; 1297 (2009) ;  Distress (2011) et Geisterbild (2012)