Quel temps il fait, Stéphane Duroy ?

  • Quel temps il fait, Stéphane Duroy ?
  • Quel temps il fait, Stéphane Duroy ?
  • Quel temps il fait, Stéphane Duroy ?
  • Quel temps il fait, Stéphane Duroy ?
  • Quel temps il fait, Stéphane Duroy ?

Quel temps il fait, Stéphane Duroy ?

“The following text, written in 2010, is devoted to The Europe of Silence, a major book by Stéphane Duroy, dealing with the relationships between the photographic image and history, exile, imagined photographic time By Stéphane Duroy, explores an often-ignored question: the sequence of images in a book, how to construct a photographic essay, highlights the fragility of our knowledge, shows how uncertainty is determinant in photographic creation This text also attempts to understand why the most interesting part of the photographic image is the hallucinatory glare it conveys, the perception of what is being effaced and at the same time of what is in a State of emergence, the dawn and the twilight of time and history. ”


Hors Collection
110 x 165
20 photos black and white
64 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-418-3

Ezra Nahmad is a critic and photographer. He obtained a Master’s degree in Art History from the University of Florence in Italy. Writer and translator in a publishing house, he writes texts for museums and major archaeological sites in Rome. Artist as well as writer, he paints and produces some installations. After this Italian period, he returned to Paris, where he practiced several trades before returning to writing as a critic, and to painting, then to photography. He writes under several pseudonyms, the most used being Zaha Redman. He engages in photography as an autodidact, without considering himself a photographer.

Stéphane Duroy


Stéphane Duroy began in 1977 working on the vast changes in England at the time of Thatcherism … Meanwhile, he began in 1980, work on West Berlin, which will lead, after the fall of the Wall in the former East Germany and Poland. In 1991, he received at the World Press Photo, the first prize in the category “nature and environment” for his photo on the pollution in the former German Democratic Republic. He received in 2003 a grant from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, which allows him to do this work on Portugal.
8 books by Stéphane Duroy published Filigranes:
Une saison en Lorraine (1998) ; L’Europe du silence (2000) ; Cercle de famille (2004) ; Unknown (2007) ; Berlin (2009) ; 1297 (2009) ;  Distress (2011) et Geisterbild (2012)