Antipersonnel is a series begun in 1998, which seeks to identify in a documentary, different models of antipersonnel mines and cluster munitions. Photographed in actual size, these images are very disturbing, as if we consult a catalog of perfumes.
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One of the great strengths of photography lies in its ability to survey and fix the world in which we live. Due to the simplicity and clarity it provides, photography offers both commercial and artistic potential. In recent years, there is a tendency among some documentary photographers to isolate a specific aspect of the company to explore in detail. Dallaporta provides a striking example with his project on mine antipersonnel.Ces objects, strange and repugnant, yet emit a certain beauty that disturbs. We spoke of the devastation that mines continue to inflict on innocent victims long after the disappearance of the underlying purpose of their installation. Indeed, they remain hidden in the ground until they have exploded. I had never seen a land mine, either in reality or in pictures, before discovering Dallaporta images. It was a revelation. We are told that there are all kinds of land mines, hundreds, which vary widely depending on the appearance, shape and characteristics. By photographing the same way that another would have done advertising for a shampoo, Dallaporta glorifies such devices while maintaining a completely neutral. The tour is so subtle it is almost imperceptible.
Martin Parr
Hors Collection
120 x 165
Leporello (dépliant)
Photos color
16 pages
ISBN : 00000000000000000
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Born in 1980 in Paris, lives and works in Paris

He graduated from the Ecole des Gobelins, Paris. In 2002 he obtained a grant from one year to Fabrica (Italy). Xmas trees series was published by Télérama, broadcasted on Paris-Première and presented by the Fnac in January 2003. Corespondant until 2003 for the magazine Colors, he also publishes his work in Vogue-Italia Ojodepez, Blast, CitizenK International, Official, Wad, ExtraSmall. His series intitullée Antipersonnel was selected by Martin Parr, comissaire of the 35th edition of the Rencontres d’Arles. On this occasion, an exhibition catalog was published by Watermarks with a preface by Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 and Ambassador of the inte rnational Campaign to Ban Landmines. His work is present in the Collections of the National Fund of Contemporary Art and La Maison Européenne de la Photographie.