Photographs naturally invade the life of the photographer, or at least they should do.
Every day s’habite images slowly lift the bottom of our memory and eventually a form of visual world. This constellation is constantly expanding, and whose appearance is constantly mutating, based the report to the photographic object, draw, practice, to the operator. A tool and vision.
Memory is born of the desire to present this universe. Comparing, page by page text to a photograph in order to bring out a third object. With this rigorous process, memory, pays tribute to the personal and subjective "small picture of the big picture," the anonymous masters and loved living and dead. In practice a matter of endless fantasies and images that will never exist in the imagination of the author.
Memory is the first monograph of David Gagnebin-of Warrants.
Hors Collection
215 x 245
Relié couverture cartonnée
20 color photos
56 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-201-1
(Lives and works in Lausanne – CH) was born in 1979.
He is a keen observer of the physical world, he transcribed in images whose formalism realistic mixes by both the supernatural. The fields of research that are dear to him are the opportunities for exchanges between the photographic image and literature, as well as places of remembrance.