It is through photography that Fred Jourda humbly chooses to express his world view, even if it sometimes seems idyllic. As the film absorbs the light, the photographer imbibes sensations he perceives to be invaded by leaving a glimmer of the magic and beauty of a landscape. He manages to capture the emotion of the moment that we retransmits intact to perpetuate the ephemeral.
Escaping the urban tumult, F. Jourda opens windows on one side of the world often forgotten. This is not to disturb the quiet room as the work is devoid of any human, because according to the photographer the social world is carrying an agitation which he chose to remove to keep only the sweetness and serenity place and time. From there, open spaces available to us freely, and took a contemplative delight, we discover that his landscapes are so many bubbles of oxygen, light and delicate. It is as if the artist wanted that within its landscapes, the only human presence necessarily that of the photographer is as unobtrusive as possible.

Hors Collection
175 x 240
Relié couverture cartonnée
40 color photos
72 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-195-3
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Tirages de tête
Edition limitée tirée à 50 exemplaires numérotés accompagnés d’un tirage photographique*
(format 15x21 cm), numéroté et signé par Fred Jourda.

* Vous avez le choix entre les cinq photographies, chacune étant tirées à 10 exemplaires.
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Jourda Fred was born in Paris in 1963. From an early age he bathes in the world of photography, his father shot him in Picto give early taste of the profession.
His Bachelor of pocket, he entered the Louis Lumière school in Paris where he graduated. Fred Jourda becomes in turn shot in color Picto, a specialty that is passionate and he still holds today. Photography is a hobby for when he practices occasionally.
His artistic career began in earnest in 1996 with the discovery of a device type "Instamatic" offered by a friend. He is fascinated by the results obtained, and began his series "Landscapes" that continued for over ten years in his travels.