Etat civil B

Etat civil B

état Civil (Notions préliminaires) is a set of images and texts, trying to decipher, in the form of a dictionary subjective, the constituent body parts and language of a being.
Describe, letter letter, through the language, build, delete, frolic, by design, ratify, remember, compare the use of alphabets, names, words, definitions of all kinds, état Civil (Notions préliminaires) proposes to analyze how knowledge and understanding of the body.

Translating imaging of the encyclopedia, each drawing or photograph, made specially for the book, play the utopia of an adaptation of the imagination of the dictionary made to man.
False analysis, random facts, true or false anatomical état Civil (Notions préliminaires) seeks to articulate the links between language and image.
Civil Status (preliminary concepts) is the story of an artist’s book in the making. Directed as it was published, it will bind by the inability to return the artist back to the reader in a complicity of discovery.

This new collection of artist is published at a rate of 4 books per year, all will consist of 26 notebooks assembled in box. The particularity of this collection suggests the use of the alphabet, photographs, images, drawings, postcards … of play between the articulation of science fiction, its rigidity and the changing reality of the human structure and work of art. On the format of 17 x 23 cm, each book will contain a variable number of pages. The front section of the letter to be published in January 2006.
Artist, Didier Petit exhibited many times in France and abroad. It focuses in his work, drawing, often large, sometimes directly on the wall.
Entomologist, biologist or astronomer, he reconstructs, since 1989, a vast repertoire of human knowledge.
état Civil (Notions préliminaires) is the central body.

Etat civil
175 x 230
8 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-091-8

Didier Petit

Artiste, Dessinateur

Encyclopédiste, anatomist, nourishes his artistic practice as the conceptual point of view, symbolic, aesthetic, popular dictionary imagery.