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impressions Occupation

“The Occupations are space-times apart in the theater season. Thought to allow an artist, artists, with spectators, with spectators, with other artists to dialogue, with a place – the Théâtre de la Bastille -, with the street, in a freer, more intense way too, they give birth to ephemeral projects, meetings, unexpected experiences. This year, we invited the photographer Sylvain Duffard to follow this Occupation, not to report on it, but to spare another entry into the sensitive world of Nathalie Béasse with the idea that the artistic paths they take, as different as they are, sometimes touch the banks that echo and talk to each other.
Indeed, the landscape is omnipresent in Nathalie Béasse, both in the textual material that she uses, but also on the set. She builds moving landscapes, whether mental, bodily or from elements drawn from what is still called Nature without knowing very well what this term covers. Sylvain Duffard is a landscape photographer, landscapes on the edge of the city, landscapes transformed by time, inhabited landscapes, shaped by man. In her photographs, there is a relationship with trees, the heavens, time suspended and colors which immediately evoke the theatrical and choreographic universe of Nathalie Béasse. “Géraldine Chaillou

Théâtre de la Bastille - Cie nathalie béasse
Hors Collection
140 x 210
Couture Singer apparente
23 photos colors
64 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-508-1
Press review

Nathalie Béasse

Auteur, Chorégraphe

Nathalie Béasse, trained in Fine Arts and then at CNR Dramatic Art in Angers, Nathalie Béasse also draws on the contributions of Performing-Art whose experiments she meets at H.B.K. from Braunschweig in Germany, a school steeped in the teaching of Marina Abramovic. In 1995 she joined the ZUR group (collective of scenographers-performers-filmmakers).
From 1999 she founded her company to develop a more personal work, at the border of theater, dance and visual arts. She stood out with her first staging Trop-plein.

Sylvain Duffard


“Sylvain Duffard has been developing photographic work for almost fifteen years on everyday and familiar landscapes, an approach underpinned by questions relating to ways of living.
After a university course in geography and town planning, he quickly experienced public commissioning within the framework of photographic missions devoted to the observation of the contemporary landscape. For him, this experience was the place for a rich and personal experience in landscape photography.
Sylvain Duffard has since collaborated with various stakeholders in the environment and regional planning as well as with various cultural institutions interested in questions relating to the landscape and its transformations. “