La côte d'Armor


La côte d'Armor
Les images de ce livre sont le résultat de trois années de recherche photographique sur une plage très étendue du littoral de Plestin les Grèves et de Saint Michel en Grève, en Bretagne.
«Il s’agit bien ici de plages, dans les deux sens du terme, plages de sable et plages de gris, et aussi, de plus loin, des plages au sens musical […]».
J.C. Lemagny – Bibliothèque Nationale.
Hors Collection
300 x 210
46 photographies en noir et blanc
112 pages
ISBN : 978-2-950266-61-3


Halfway between artistic experimentation and publishing, Filigranes editions have long been one of the only publishing houses specializing in photography, demonstrating an original and daring approach that accompanied the atypical journey of Patrick Le Bescont , today artistic director of these publications. Created in 1988 by Patrick Le Bescont, Filigranes displays more than 850 published works, bringing together more than 350 photographers and the same number of authors. In 2015, the Filigranes Editions was awarded the Nadar Prize for Laurent Millet’s work, Les enfantsillages picturesqueques.
Patrick Le Bescont was a self-taught photographer before embarking on the editorial adventure and founding Filigranes, an approach stemming from his desire to publish his own images. Today, the editions publish around twenty titles per year, around ten collections, and numerous works from collaborations with galleries and artistic centers such as the Filles du Calvaire galleries, Camera Obscura, Polaris, the Center des arts d ‘Enghien les Bains, the Unique Place or the Maubuisson Abbey, the Jeu de Paume…. With the will to create a meeting between edition, literature and photography, Patrick Le Bescont finds in the literary or poetic texts which accompany the images of echoes in the sense of the works.

Filigranes does not claim any precise editorial line, but rather choices based on favorites, thus offering a great diversity of authors, themes, styles and aesthetic approaches. In order to support contemporary creation, the choice of artists, photographers and authors, turns primarily to young authors. The originality of Filigranes’ editorial approach lies in the fact that his books are designed as true unique artistic projects rather than just reproductions of images.