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Photos trouvées

“The little black and white photograph and with serrated edges shows a young boy in an almost deserted street. In the distance, there are barely two people sitting in front of the steps of a house. The child has a hand on the handlebars With a wooden scooter. One of the suspenders of his overalls fell from his shoulder. He wears a white shirt whose sleeves are rolled up to the top of the elbows. He seems intrigued by something he observes out. -This an insect, an anthill, a cat? I don’t know. I don’t remember. This little boy is me. In blue ink, at the bottom of the image, someone , undoubtedly my father, wrote “Goulette May 56”. Seeing the dilapidated state of the street, I wonder how a scooter could roll there. La Goulette is a small town located about ten kilometers from Tunis. My mother told me that it was there that we were going through our vacation. It seems that families made a real exodus in summer, loading cars and trucks by almost all their house to furnish their vacancy rentals.
In 1956, I was four years old. I come back to this photograph that I have always kept with me since I rediscovered it. Did I know that a month later I will be on a plane that would take me to Marseille and that after this stage my family would settle forever in Paris?
Did I hear my parents talking about it? “[…] M.S.

Hors Collection
150 x 210
40 photos black and white
88 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-566-1

Marc Solal

Artiste, Plasticien

Marc Solal was born in 1952 in Tunisia. He lives and works in Paris. Plastic artist, he develops, through photography or text, conceptual and sometimes humorous work on the notion of identity.
An urban performance: “Ordinary commemoration plates” made the buzz in 2001. Pose 60 fake commemorative plates (3 per district) to pay tribute to anonymous. A trace of this work entered the Antoine de Galbert collection.