The heart of this book revolves around the theme of love. As part of this achievement the artist Pascale Kapari interacted with young adults between 20 and 25 all from the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, and was filmed. The shooting took place at the Lab-theBankis at Bethune. Pascale Kapari filmed each person in a different room. The rooms were empty and bare, with only a chair. The artist asks questions – on this theme of love – young people who go voluntarily leave their thoughts aloud.
Some sample questions:
"When you know you love someone?"
"What we feel at first kiss?"
"Is this love that leaves a trace?"
"Are you afraid of abandonment when you love ?"…
Meanwhile, the book is accompanied by fragments of paintings by Pascale Kapari.
DVD and book in box.
La pomme à tout faire, Béthunes
140 x 190
Broché avec rabats
Photographs, videos, paintings, drawings + DVD
72 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-190-8
Kapari Pascale was born in Casablanca, she lives and works in Paris. She first worked as a painter and video work that offers today bears the mark – a sensitivity to the subject of the image that can not be reduced to a parallel with the paint may spontaneously suggest, that a picture is never transparent. In its rigor, his work raises important questions about the image.
Frederick Emprou is a writer and art critic in Nantes.
He worked for various magazines (Zero two and 303) published in various collective books, art catalogs today.
Professor of history of contemporary art at the University of Provence.