In his penny work entitled Ecostream Guillaume Janot explores photography by some artificial environments or reconstituted decors. From Disneyland to the botanical garden in Sydney, via Beijing or the Zoo de Vincennes, the universe of images that comprise this body is that of high-dimension spaces artificial offshore and fabricated, whose use is essentially dedicated to leisure.
His work contrasts with the usual images conveyed by advertising and the media by going voluntarily to cliche. Under this apparent simplicity, one can discern the company’s raw with lots of loneliness, violence and banality, and yet devoid of pathos. His images are on several levels of discourse, in handling the symbolic and assuming the seductions of beautiful images.
Hors Collection
230 x 280
Relié couverture cartonnée
28 color photos
64 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-182-3
Press review
Guillaume Janot was born in 1966 in Nancy. He lives in Paris. Refusing to submit to standard photographic genres, alternating between portrait and landscape or mixing one substance on the other and vice versa, he photographed primarily in traffic areas. Under a seemingly mundane aesthetic agreed, the images were similar to the kind of amateur photography, portrait or landscape postcard, but are too controlled to be real.
Frederick Emprou is a writer and art critic in Nantes.
He worked for various magazines (Zero two and 303) published in various collective books, art catalogs today.