These images were made in territories affected by the news or history. GJ introduced a slight delay with the genre he claims to adopt, amateur photography, the postcard via the schedule of posts. He questions the notion of cliché and the status of images.
As the seduction of the "good image", he played in different registers and levels of discourse. Thus, at Berchtesgaden, he photographed the landscapes tinged with romance from the top of the eagle nest Hitler, creating a gap between the bucolic, picturesque landscape and the charge raised by the historical point of view. He plays on the move or overlay, like Abbey Road, in reference to the famous album cover of The Beatles.
Hors Collection
170 x 230
43 color photos
96 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-070-3
Guillaume Janot was born in 1966 in Nancy. He lives in Paris. Refusing to submit to standard photographic genres, alternating between portrait and landscape or mixing one substance on the other and vice versa, he photographed primarily in traffic areas. Under a seemingly mundane aesthetic agreed, the images were similar to the kind of amateur photography, portrait or landscape postcard, but are too controlled to be real.