Un hiver d’oise

Un hiver d’oise

In A Winter oise, Thierry Girard has waived its usual biased reporting on a route, and decided to build three sets of images inspired by landscapes and elements of the department of Oise. He is to meet its current working issues with literary references are also connected with this territory.

Thus, the first part, entitled Toise, shows a huge attraction for the uniform plateau picard Thierry Girard treated as its landscape and Atlantic Ocean.

The second series, Noise, is primarily related to the work of Nerval, poet of Valois, but also evokes La Belle noiseuse Balzac, and the question of representation. Hence the idea to work on the ambiguity of the representation of the body in painting or statuary religious and suggest, through a few portraits of young girls and atmospheres of wood or of nature, a pictorial and literary universe a romance a little dark and melancholic … nervalien somehow.

The third part, Poise, this urban landscapes photographed in the room 4 x 5. Not interested or monuments, or mansions, and picturesque farms, but to places of brick and gray refer to the industrial and working history of the Oise and in an era symbolized by the work of ‘Henri Barbusse, another writer isarien.

These three series are not saying, of course, all the Oise, but offer three entries, three possible approaches, both fair and very subjective.

A winter oise is the result of an artist residency initiated by the General Council of the Oise, which ran from October 2007 to March 2008.

L'atelier d'édition
Hors Collection
250 x 290
Relié couverture cartonnée
58 color photos
96 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-153-3
Press review
Lives in France, on an Atlantic island. While he travels, but it does not feel nor see, nor a journalist, or illustrator. He considers himself a photographer traveling as there are writers travelers. Or rather, he considers himself a photographer of displacement. His photographic work can be defined as an experience of crossing the world that is in a kind of dialectical tension between the movement and geographical journey.