Le concept de cette nouvelle collection sous la forme de « fanzine » avec les photographies d’Anton Renborg est de mettre en lumière une rencontre avec un personnage. Le titre de chaque fanzine correspond au prénom du personnage.

Le principe est de publier 6 numéros par an avec un tirage limité à 250 exemplaires. La diffusion se fera par un abonnement annuel avec une fréquence de publication d’un numéro tous les deux mois.


I miss that precious time you have in your Twenties, when your mind is still trained to capture whatever the day has to offer: might lead to nothing or to hours of just thinking or travelling in your own mind. I miss the quality of that time, of which we see less and less the older and busier we get.

Working on this project took me back to those days and mindset, and pushed me beyond. Going beyond meant getting out of the frame, moving into someone else’s universe and allowing this journey into someone else to become a journey into myself, recognising the growth within each intense conversation, each silence and moment of unease.

We live in a time and space where people scan you in an eye blink, up and down from haircut to shoes or through a smartphone screen and easily judge others through short and precise questions to make sure that time is invested in the right acquaintances.

In the Monographies I meet my subjects for the first time and spend time in their home, trying to deconstruct my own preconceptions, allowing time to slowly enter a stranger’s persona and soul. Like a trip from myself I step out from my work, home, family, everyday life and comfort zone to immerse in another human being just as it is. I’m once again into those hours of thinking and travelling in my own mind from a completely different perspective, sharing myself with someone not familiar.

Staying with Alex, Constantin and Emily has been extremely important for me, they all provoked my thinking. The time with each of them has not just been a getaway, it has been a treatment to my mind and soul.

My aim is to keep the observer away from unnecessary information that might redirect the mind to an already known image or context. To be able to share this journey and my subjects I believe it’s important to reach the viewer through a different method, outside the typical journalistic presentation. No landscapes, no real visual field, and most importantly, no description that could interrupt the flow and point our jugement towards one ready made direction.

The Monographies want to be a journey through humanity, exploring the subjects as singularities in their own galaxies and universes and offering a simpler, nude understanding of each individual.

This journey will include 30 subjects and last four years. When receiving each zine all you’ll get is a first name; political view, sexuality, origin, income, address, nationality any additional info will be left behind. You will be welcomed in their homes as I have been, they’ll be sharing their daily life as they did in front of my camera, offering a wide range of just humans in their own minds and bodies.

Les Monographies will be available on subscription in a rare edition of 250 ex only per copy. Each one will be sixteen pages long, printed on Munken Lynx Rough 150 g. Format 210X297 mm.



Hors Collection
210 x 297
16 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-449-7

Anton Renborg


Anton Renborg est un jeune photographe suédois vivant en France depuis un an. A venir et revenir dans cette île, chaque été, cinq années durant, le photographe a fait rentrer dans son appareil photographique le ying et le yang d’une Corse qui ne se réduit ni aux parties de pêches des touristes à short fluo, ni à la splendeur de paysages si grandioses qu’ils réduisent l’humain à taille microscopique. Jouant à la fois de l’effet de détail et du regard panoramique, comme si l’oeil était au perpétuel défi de trouver la juste équation, Anton Renborg a mesuré à quel point il n’était pas nécessaire d’accuser les contrastes pour qu’ils apparaissent. Ses images attestent, l’air de rien, des chocs de civilisation.