Auteurs de textes : Martin Winckler, Patrick Guillot, Barbara Bay, Philippe Chabert, Tristan Garcia, Sylvain Maresca
Structured around the question of image, the residence of the artist Sylvain Gouraud in the center of Strasbourg University Hospital of Psychiatry questions the representation of psychiatry and people with mental disorders in the collective imagination.
Psychiatry is a practical part in the hospital. Difficult to describe, quantify and simplify, it escapes many methods of classification. She is an outsider in a health system that is constantly trying to rationalize. I see a parallel with the place of artistic creation in our society. This partly explains the parallel links between the ancient practice of psychiatry and art.
Sylvain Gouraud
Hôpitaux universitaires de Strasbourg
Hors Collection
260 x 330
Relié couverture cartonnée et toilée
57 photos colors
92 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-234-9

Sylvain Gouraud


Sylvain Gouraud is a photographer. He is interested in photography as an object in itself, which it queries the own materiality in relation to disadvantaged social backgrounds and lack of visibility, returning the ultimate effect of this medium ranking that operates generally.
The political aspect is recurrent in the work of Sylvain Gouraud.
This is what allows him to return to his subject, it is a reflection on the organization of our societies.
He uses photography as a fact, a look that sometimes become active: how photography can be the engine of our political actions.
For this, he does not hesitate to involve the public, questioning the notion of copyright, so dear to our time.