Master of the unusual, the uncertain, the absurd, Gilbert Garcin is both the director and the actor sequences that build an absolutely unique surreal universe.
The work of the photographer plays with illusion, humor and philosophical question.
This green with golden letters, brings together works Faire de son mieux and Lorsque le vent viendra, limited edition of 300 copies
Hors Collection
245 x 335
Set with 2 books
144 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-303-2
Press review

Gilbert Garcin


Gilbert Garcin native of Provence, began to make photographs at retirement. After an internship in Arles he discovered photomontage, where he features in different situations, in landscapes unreal. His singular style: its small theatrical feature situations have in common derision, the absurdity of the situation and a humanoid humor that sometimes recalls the theater of the absurd, by Eugène Ionesco.
Vincent Josse in 1990 between the drafting of France Inter as presenter. In 1993 he joined the "arts, letters and shows" the editorial department before presenting 2000-2006 cultural chronicle of 7:24. Critical theater "Mask and Feather" he was from 2006 until 2010 the "critical spirit" of the morning. He also published the bookCD "Hervé Guibert, writer photographer" (Naïve / France Inter), awarded the Grand Prix de l’Académie Charles Cros in 2009 in the category of memory and creation.
It produces and hosts the show "Atelier" every Saturday on France Inter to 19h 20, since September 2010, a book "Workshop" was published by Flammarion in March 2013.