Gilbert Garcin is a “jeune premier” who this year will be celebrating his eightieth birthday and fifteen years of a dazzling career. We are happy to share this pleasure with his public and his many fans by putting on a retrospective.It may seem absurd, or even out of place, to speak of Monsieur Garcin as a “jeune premier”, but don’t worry, he won’t mind –quite the contrary. He usually responds with a quiet chuckle and the falsely modest delight of the highly
respected star that he now is. In order to shed a little light on his success,
I shall briefly recall how it all started.
Christine Ollier 

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Gilbert Garcin


Gilbert Garcin native of Provence, began to make photographs at retirement. After an internship in Arles he discovered photomontage, where he features in different situations, in landscapes unreal. His singular style: its small theatrical feature situations have in common derision, the absurdity of the situation and a humanoid humor that sometimes recalls the theater of the absurd, by Eugène Ionesco.

Christine Ollier

Directrice artistique, Galeriste, Historienne de l'art

Christine Ollier is a historian of art and specialist in communication strategy and cultural development. She is the Commissioner of Exhibitions. She is Chevallier Arts and Letters and Chevalier of the Order of Merit. Co-founder and director of the Gallery Girls of Calvary, from 1996 to 2016, she continued since a career solo, devoting himself to the design of cultural projects and exhibitions, to the publication of critical texts and plays a role of artistic councilor with artists and collectors. Since 2017, she has designed and strives to set up the field of impossible, important artistic and cultural platform in rural areas, in the pole.