Entretien Nathalie Boulouch et Patricia Limido
Textes Nicole Vitré, Isabelle Tessier, Jacques Sauvageot

Pascal Mirande associated the practice of drawing, installation and photography as a means to record the actual scaffolding while fictions. His work is at the crossroads of sculpture and image. All About the artist is to encourage the public to pay attention to what he sees: the views that, crystallized in a photograph, process the image in landscape or scenery theater of the imagination. He forges an imaginary populated by symbols of collective references and universal myths, such as those of Babel or Icarus.
It parody images of the nineteenth century by staging his entourage in family Forger (1995-1998). The series uses Western stereotypes as the castaway, the fortune teller or the vampire and the fakir. With the series Mythologies (2009 and 2010), Pascal Mirande reinvented hybrid creatures to offer the viewer a playful image and bring a unique and personal vision of mythology. His series of Icares (since 2004) walks an ancestor model aviation through all sorts of desert or urban lands, her Sentinels (1996) are tiny towers made of twigs watching over vast maritime landscapes or famous sites …

Le Carré d’Art, Chartres-de-Bretagne - Imagerie, Lannion - Artothèque, Vitré - Vrais Rêves
Hors Collection
165 x 240
112 photos colors and blanck and white
160 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-385-8