“Immersed in an environment that he generally maintains at a distance, André Mérian gives a representation of the landscape through a reading of architecture and the environment reduced to a set of signs and objects.
Never Mind goes beyond the urban expansion, but nevertheless evokes the urbanization and the emergence of buildings represented by a staging of books or checkered earthenware tiles. In the spaces photographed natural elements remain: a cascade of water, arid vegetation, bamboos, trees but the vegetation is cut by a road become a no man’s land covered with signs and objects abandoned, bamboos are sectioned , The trees are dried or masked by installations suggesting their disappearance. If Never Mind’s stake is to state and denounce the dislocation of a world, the great skill of André Mérian is to signify its collapse without exposing its ruin.
Isabelle Tessier

Zoème - CIAC Château de Carros
Hors Collection
165 x 220
37 photos colors
80 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-422-0
André Merian was born in Brittany, he lives and works in Marseille. His photographic work is regularly exhibited in France and abroad (personal and collective exhibitions), and are part of public and private collections. Various monographs devoted to it.
André Merian is represented by the
galerie Les Douches à Paris..
Isabelle Tessier
Director of the Vitré Art library, Isabelle Tessier curates exhibitions in charge of a public collection of contemporary art and has written many texts for monographic catalogues and books, in particular on contemporary photography.