Heartland / Terre de cœur

  • Heartland / Terre de cœur
  • Heartland / Terre de cœur
  • Heartland / Terre de cœur
  • Heartland / Terre de cœur
  • Heartland / Terre de cœur
  • Heartland / Terre de cœur
  • Heartland / Terre de cœur

Heartland / Terre de cœur

In 2023, Anne Rearick spent several weeks in Auvergne, getting to know its residents, their animals, and their landscapes. Her photography captures the daily experiences of the worlds in which she immerses herself, celebrating them with gentle appreciation. “Without any overarching agenda, she allows each individual to express themselves in turns through glances, postures, gestures, and movements. She reconnects precisely with this deeply humanist photography that never navel-gazes, that doesn’t seek its ego or identity, but instead reaches out to encounter the other, as its equal” (Christian Caujolle). Whether in the United States, South Africa, the Basque Country, Sète, Le Perche, or Auvergne, she offers the same generous gaze upon individuals, capturing images that primarily seek to convey the joy of the moment and the quality of the encounter. Working on long-term subjects, Anne Rearick aligns with the great documentary photographic tradition, focusing mainly on daily life and rural settings. Seeking a sense of timelessness, she elevates the ordinary by paying attention to the nature and surroundings of the people she meets, while erasing distractions that might divert viewers from the authenticity of her narrative. She most often immerses herself in places with strong identities, exploring the notion of community, which is central to her work.

Clermont-Ferrand Massif central 2028
140 x 210
Couture Singer apparente
44 photos duotone
64 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-616-3

Anne Rearick


Anne Rearick is an American photographer. She was born in Caldwell, Idaho and currently lives in Gloucester, United States. Following in the great tradition of documentary photography, Anne Rearick focuses on long-term projects, deepening her relationships with the people and places she captures over time. She depicts the everyday experiences of her subjects and celebrates their breadth by positioning herself, in many ways, on the same level as them rather than in front of them. Whether in the United States, South Africa, or the Basque Country, she carries the same generous gaze towards individuals, aiming to convey through her images the pleasure of the moment and the quality of the encounter.

Cécile Coulon

Auteur, Romancière

Cécile Coulon was born in 1990 in Clermont-Ferrand, a city she still lives in. In parallel with her studies of letters, she published a first novel by editions Review in 2006. She then joined Viviane Hamy editions for ten years, where we appear five novels, whose king was not sleepy and three storm seasons. She joined the iconoclast, publishes a beast in paradise (Le Monde Prix). In 2020, she collaborated every other Sunday in the newspaper La Montagne. In 2021, she joined the Clara Dupont Monod team on France Inter in the book Book and punishment. His latest novel, alone in his home, appeared last August. Several writing projects are currently in preparation.