La rue de Paris


La rue de Paris

Photographer, inventor of a world on the brink of reality, Thibaut Cuisset travel throughout the world and lives in Paris rue de Montreuil. A street that he knows until he sees more. So, as it did in Australia or Japan, Italy or Turkey, he went to his discovery. He stalked the confusing images, geometry secret, unexpected colors. And Jean-Christophe Bailly followed his example. He, too, for his part, went exploring the streets of Paris, has been described. Not the same as Thibaut Cuisset, as expressed through writing.
Hors Collection
175 x 240
Relié couverture cartonnée
45 color photos
104 pages
ISBN : 978-2-91438-181-9

Thibaut Cuisset


Thibaut Cuisset deploys his photographic work by successive campaigns on various territories: Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Corsica, Turkey, Britain, Japan, Pays de Loire. The places are not considered in terms of news but as landscapes shaped by man and by the time urban areas, suburbs of large cities, cultivated countryside, coastline, river plains and deserts as well as montages. “In articulating the more accurately a subject, light and color, working for disposal and water treatment plants, where neither the story nor the exotic, the picturesque or the pathos have their place,” Thibaut Cuisset seeks to represent a powerful and discreet, the essence of the landscape. Based on soft colors and deductions, it shows that the territory is not fixed, it is the result of history and multiple interventions.