Accompagnées des poèmes très sobres d’Yvon Le Men, sur l’éphémère et la spiritualité du paysage, les images de Chantal Connan prennent ici leur dimension poétique très singulière. Il y a là toutes les pistes que poursuivait l’auteur, cette relation insistante et intrusive qu’elle entretenait avec la nature.
170 x 230
Reliure en couture japonaise
10 photographies en couleur
36 pages
ISBN : 978-2-910682-06-4

Yvon Le Men

Auteur, Poète

Yvon le Men was born in 1953 in treguier. Since his first book, Life (1974), write and say are the only trades Yvon Le Men. He is the author of a major poetic works which are supplemented by interviews, three stories and two novels.
A Lannion where he lives, he created in 1992, the meetings entitled “It’s a long poem.” Amazing traveler, he works at the festival of the same name and Saint-Malo in Bamako, from Sarajevo to São Paulo, he is the ferryman of poets and writers. In 1997, he created a poetic space. From 2006 to 2008, he published a weekly column in the newspaper OuestFrance: “Around the World in 80 poems. His writings, books or anthologies, translated into fifteen languages​​.
In addition, for many years he worked in schools with children.