For nearly twenty years Patrizia Di Fiore chose to become a photographer. His career began in the south of France in Toulouse but as many representatives of his generation, Patrizia is nowhere and everywhere at once. Born in Italy, she settled in France and traveled widely, nomadic existence in a global world where the media is the chorus of modern tragedies: wars, the clash of territories, daily bread of misery
"The photographs of P. Di Fiore generate an impression annoying. They ask us about what they do not show. The look she has on these areas is on the lines that détourent more or less openly. It ‘s not really stop on the edge of a building, new, own, known, no architecture. It was around that lingers on the outskirts of the houses and what is limited. limit between public and private spaces . The boundary between built and unbuilt. Between uses and occupations. Among non-agricultural. From what we give value and what we give less. "MR
Pôle image Haute-Normandie
Hors Collection
285 x 250
Relié couverture cartonnée
46 color photos
72 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-219-6
Press review
Patrizia Di Fiore living in France for 20 years, knows very well the European landscape, she won the prize of the Ministry of Agriculture to work on several countries (France, Italy …). It is sensitive to world conflicts, but its approach differs from that of journalists who follow the news, she has nothing of a reporter, she uses the medium format, more balanced than the 24×36. She chose to work on landscapes, capturing the atmosphere, to return her feelings.
Formation of art history and philosophy. Conservative Libraries. 1977-1994: exercises at the Public Library Information (Centre Pompidou). Organizes several literary events: Fernando Pessoa, 1985; Georges Perec, 1993 1994 to 2009: National Library of France, organizes exhibitions Lucinda Devlin, 2002; Mikael Levin, 2003 Various articles on libraries of writers, photography and book, literary history
Michel Rousset is an architectplanner and head of state qualified OPQU. His career since 1984 serving the local authorities and town planning. He was in charge of urban policy development in central administration and enforcement in the territorial structures of Ministry of Public Works, he was also engaged in joint operational planning.
The evolution of professional practices, transmission of knowledge and urban research fields are questioning his professional standing. It comes from the cycle of urban Sciences Politiques in Paris and from various regional offices of the National training council staff (National Center for Public land). Centre for Transport Studies, Planning and networks (Certu), he coordinated and published numerous studies on the habitat and management. Through activism, he wrote in 2006, with Daniela Pennines, the Repository trades for the Office Professional Qualification of Planners (OPQU).
He leads since 2008 the Council of Architecture Planning and Environment of the Eure (CAUE27) which assists local authorities in their fight against a strain suburbanization and educates the public about the quality of life.