“In 2015, I was invited to a residency in Quebec as part of a collaboration between Diaphane and the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie in Gaspésie.
After a ten-hour bus ride from Montreal, I arrive in Chaleur Bay. The territory is big and seductive, it invites to move and yet this time, I want to ask me. I heard about Petite-Vallée on the north coast. I cross the park of Gaspésie all at once, I bypass the Chicks-Chocs and along the coast by the famous 132. At night, I arrived. I rent a room facing the river. The regular sight of eagles above my head, the stories of moose and bear, tell me a territory out of the ordinary. In Petite-Vallée, I will photograph some extraordinary beings. ”
Coming from the cinema, Claudia Imbert regularly mixes film and photography in her projects. She is passionate about her contemporaries in the very heart of their space, and uses staging “the passage through the device is a way to seize the right moment”. Guest in residence in a small town in Gaspésie, Claudia Imbert produces a photographic series on the ways of inhabiting space. In Petite-Vallée, the inhabitants stand out from the landscape and print their marks on the spot.

Petite-Vallée is a small town in the Gaspé Peninsula. Invited there in residence, Claudia Imbert produced a photographic series on the ways of inhabiting space. At Petite-Vallée, under cloudy skies laden with clouds, the inhabitants present themselves as blocks facing each other. The bodies stand out from a landscape dedicated to immensity, the glances show inner paths of which only the characters have the key. Nothing psychological in these larger-than-life portraits. Everyone here plays his solo score. Each one, by its presence, prints its mark on the place and gives its stature to the image.

Diaphane éditions, Editions Escuminac
Hors Collection
210 x 250
Broché avec rabats
30 photos colors
80 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-442-8
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Claudia Imbert


Claudia Imbert Several times awarded: Lucien Hervé Award, Arcimboldo Prize, Young Creation Award, the work of Claudia Imbert flourishes in different forms: exhibitions, screenings, installations. From cinema, she mixes film and photography. The two media complement each other and come to illuminate his personal research. Whether she is interested in poloids or her neighbors in the suburbs, there is always photographic time, then filmed time and it forms a whole. She is passionate about her contemporaries at the very heart of their space, and uses mise-en-scene: “the passage through the device is a way to seize the right moment”.

Éric Plamondon Graduated from Laval University, 1992 in communication (journalism) and economics. He attended the Université du Québec à Montréal 1993/1996 where he completed a master’s thesis on the relationship between science and literature in Moby Dick. Lives in France since 1996, in Cenon. He released his first novel in 2011, Hungary-Hollywood Express, around the life of Johnny Weissmuller, and thus begins the trilogy 1984. The fame comes with Mayonnaise (2012), sort of tribute to Richard Brautigan, second part of this trilogy that ends with Apple S (2013) which focuses on the figure of Steve Jobs and the launch of the first Macintosh in 1984.