Poc Poc

Poc Versailles - Poc Belfort

Poc Poc

Poc Versailles - Poc Belfort
This book presents two Interventions by Sfar Laurent in 2010, one in Versailles in blacksmithing, contemporary art center and the other in the gallery of Granite, nationally Belfort. Both interventions have in common a particular attention to the architecture of the organization around the gardens of Versailles for the first exhibition entitled The Land [horizon 01], and rehabilitation of the theater Belfort conducted in 1984 by Jean Nouvel and his team for the second (contrastive hypothesis).

Editorial and graphic structure of the book with two inputs, mounted head to tail, allows different interpretations and approaches the work of Lawrence Sfar. The junction point and rotation of the book takes its center, in thanks.
The views adopted in these two parts, though radically different in content, are related to each other, meet and complement each other. A series of books reproduced color all the work conducted as part of the exhibition at the Farrier, without text, and often full-page. They echo the color pages devoted to the exhibition of the gallery of Granite. Between each of these image sequences are inserted two books printed in one color. This set of pages contains the text of Pierre Tillet and the English translation for the exhibition at Versailles and of Nicolas Surlapierre to that of Belfort. Notes and documents explaining and / or feeding the exhibits submitted in the tender colors are associated with these texts.


Design graphique :  Pascal Béjean & Nicolas Ledoux


La Maréchalerie, Versailles - Musées de Belfort
Hors Collection
215 x 285
Relié couverture cartonnée
83 photos colors and black and white
80 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-232-5
Laurent Sfar was born in 1969, artist, lives and works in Paris. He teaches at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Toulouse. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and residencies in France or abroad.
Critique d’art
Conservateur et critique d’art