Jeu de Paume
Hors Collection
310 x 220
Relié couverture cartonnée
125 photos duotone and colors
140 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-285-1
Press review

Born in 1947, Bruno Réquillart after studying graphic arts and communication, begins to photograph 1967-1968. Its basically black and white work is part of a practice scholarof the photographic image. Combining forms of reporting and of conceptual art, Bruno Réquillart keeps questioning what founds identity, ontology of the photographic image. Full viewfinder, depth of field optics, granularity negative than the photographer will confront his subjects, sea, travel, Versailles or the finitude of the intimate space of a Parisian apartment.
Representative of “French school(Bernard Plossu, Stone Fenoyl) who recognized the formal modernity of shifting and creative American photography (Charles Harbutt, Lee Friedlander), the work of Bruno Réquillart was exposed many times and distinguished .

Marta Gili

Commissaire, Directrice artistique

Marta Gili, born March 11, 1957 in Barcelona, is an art critic and curator. She was director of the Jeu de Paume in Paris from 2006 to 2018 and has been the director of the École nationale supérieure de la photographie in Arles since 2019.

Commissioner and coordinator exhibition at Jeu de Paume, since its inception in 2004. He was previously Artistic Director Heritage photographic and lecturer at the École du Louvre.
Matthieu Rivallin Responsible for the collection department of photography of the architecture of the Media since 2005